JCB is actively promoting the issuance of its card worldwide. Currently, JCB card is issued in 17 countries and territories, and 18 million of the total 86 million JCB credit cards are issued outside Japan. JCB has allied with major financial institutions across the world, and particularly in Korea, Taiwan, and China, focusing on the importance of these countries' economic and geographic relationships with Japan and their potential growth as credit card markets.
To reinforce its worldwide cardmember network, JCB will accelerate the issuance of its card outside Japan, aspiring to provide high-quality services to more customers around the globe.

In China, JCB takes the strategic approach of providing expertise in the credit card business to local banks, contributing to the healthy growth of the emerging card market, while in Taiwan, JCB has implemented a contactless smart card solution in response to this advanced card market's needs. JCB Card issuing was launched for residents of Vietnam in 2011, and Bangladesh in 2014, adding another attractive market to the list of JCB issuing countries and territories.

At a press conference launching the credit card of China Construction Bank.

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